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Make us your fly or die.
(Not literally.)


We aren’t some fly-by-night organization. Technically we could fly at night if we had to. Anyway, we’ve been in business for eight years, as FlyPress Films. During that time, we’ve captured lots of moments, including drone footage. And since we have the gear and all the certifications, we figured we’d set our sights higher and start a second business, widening our audience beyond brands wanting to tell stories.

Hashtag high achievers.

Through FlyPress Films, we capture stories that are often emotional. Sometimes people cry. Our customers looking only for drone footage tend to be less touchy-feely, but they still want professional treatment. With our state-of-the-art drone technology and high-end production gear, we capture stunning visuals for all kinds of purposes, including entertainment, marketing, inspections, construction, real estate, concerts and events, and action sports industries.

We have the training and all the proper permits. We’re certified, licensed, and insured. We know the procedures and the rules.

See? There’s a lot that goes into capturing aerial footage, but we won’t drone on about all the boring regulations.

Instead, allow us to introduce you to our Richards. Aka: the Flying Dicks. 

Our team has the equipment (and they know how to use it) to get the job done! 

All of our pilots are advanced operations certified, meaning they’re legally allowed to fly where others can’t. We have the knowledge and skills to conduct drone operations lawfully and safely. Need aerial footage in restricted airspace? We do that. 

Are you looking for hot shots by hotshots? Call FlyPress. 

Meet the Crew

Our well-rounded team can take on any project you have in store for us! From strategic thinkers, to creative dreamers… we make video magic together.

Flypress films Richard James Cinematographer story

Richard James


Founder & Lead Storyteller

Flypress films Connor Drummond cinematographer story

Connor Drummond


Filming & Post-Production

Flypress films joel andrade cinematographer story

Joel Andrade


Operations Manager

Flypress films Amy James Executive Director story

Amy James

Executive Director

Client Manager

Flypress films jeremy michaelis audio engineer story

Jared Whelen


Filming & Post-Production

Flypress films Emma James office assistant story

Emma James

office assistant

Bookkeeping & Data Management

Wish you were here?

We’re always looking for passionate, talented, motivated people to join our Flypress Drones crew. If that sounds like you and you’re interested in being part of the team, call us or get in touch through our form below.

Give us a Shout

We spend most days between Toronto and Muskoka but often fly coast to coast to capture your brand story. Our team is looking forward to speaking with you. Let's start the conversation! 



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